Detectives snare prolific burglar after he uses stolen iPad to watch a film

A prolific burglar was caught when he nicked an iPad and used it to watch a movie on the owner’s Amazon Prime account.

Druggie David Leahy, 42, below, stole electronic gear and jewellery during one break-in.

When he got home he found the victim had left his tablet logged into Amazon’s £7.99-a-month streaming service.

So he watched two pay-per-view flicks – with the charges going on the owner’s bank card.

Detectives traced the stolen iPad to the internet connection at Leahy’s home in Luton.

Leahy admitted six other break-ins in 2018 and 2019 and was jailed for two years, two months last month at the town’s crown court.

DC Jason Wheeler, of Bedfordshire Police, added: “Leahy is a prolific offender. He apologised for his actions and said that he committed these crimes to feed his drug habit. We hope that he will now reconsider his actions and turn away from life of crime.”

He is not the first crook caught by leaving an unusual trail.

A snack bar raider was nabbed after leaving his DNA on a half-eaten meat pie in Blackburn, Lancs, in 2016.